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I am a retired acupuncturist and psychotherapist, having graduated from     [more ...]

I am now retired from clinical practice and am focusing on research and consultancy.   [more ...]

Who am I?
How do I work?

My primary interest is in taking a holistic approach ... [more ...]

My own development, personal and professional, has been very influenced by training in Humanistic Therapy.   [more ...]

What’s in a name?  Acupuncture is, of course, using needle treatment to help people – but it is much more than that. [more ...]

I am available for educational consultancy such as external  examining. [more ...]

I offer a unique training in the use of acupuncture for podiatric problems.   [more ...]

Holistic medicine
Holistic Western Acupuncture
Training and consultancy
Humanistic therapy